Real Estate Investors looking for a private loan?


Why Us?


Fast Closing

Approval withing 24-48 hours, average closing  within 7-12 days. 


No Prepayment Penalty

Low rates, Low payments

There are no penalties for paying off or partially amortizing the debt at any time.

Competitive rates and flexible programs with interest only payment until maturity.


Everyone Welcome

Including borrowers with no credit history, new businesses and foreign nationals.

How it Works?

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Get funded

Sign and get funded. It’s that easy.

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 Inspection, title work and loan docs will be prepared for closing.

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Fill out our quick application and get a term sheet within 24 hrs.


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What is the interest rate and loan term?
Usually, loan rates are 9% and 1.75% points. Loan terms are 12-36 months

What is the loan type?

Most our loans are interest only, which means a fixed interest is paid throughout the term and full balance at maturity. For example, a $100,000 with 12 months term and 9% rate will yield 12 monthly payments of $750 and a final payment of $100,000

What happens if I sell the property orprepay the loan before maturity?
In most of our loans there is no prepayment penalty.

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